All Fore One! – Thoughts for Those Women Thinking About Playing Golf or Just Starting Out

Unlike my husband and daughter who started playing golf at an early age, I began learning in my 30s & once my career was established.  My father had suggested that I play golf socially.  He said it was great for business, and I can attest that he is 100% correct. I took a few lessons, but nothing much came of it.  It wasn’t until my 3 year old daughter started taking lessons that I thought I should take it more seriously.

At first, I was apprehensive about committing to the sport.  When I went to the driving range to practice, I didn’t hit the ball all too well.  Sometimes I whiffed, and I was more concerned about making contact with the ball versus where the ball went.  I didn’t like being on the driving range with others, and probably hit my ball off the tee over 90% of the time.  At the time, my favorite part was choosing my outfits.

I joined the 9 hole league, and was absolutely petrified of being on the golf course without my husband.  I wasn’t sure about the rules because my husband tried to be supportive and not too critical.  I was nervous about what the girls would think of me.  I wish I could say that I had the best experience, but I did not.  Unfortunately, I was placed in a foursome where the other three were mean girls….and they were adults.  A vivid memory is that one of them ran over my ball with the golf cart, and drove away laughing. I unsuccessfully tried to hack the ball out of the mud, and was discouraged.  

The brightside of that horrible experience is that I am overly sensitive and supportive of new women golfers.  I am convinced that my experience is isolated, and the rest of the women golfers are nice to play with.  I managed to perservere, and enjoy playing on a regular basis.  I take multiple annual girls’ golf trips with numerous girlfriends, and we play golf as a family when we are on vacation.  I’ve won a couple of local women’s tournaments, and occasionally win the “longest drive” and “closest to the pin” competitions at golf events.  I enjoy the summers in Chicago when there are many fun charity golf events.  

But my favorite part of playing golf is the fellowship with women.  It doesn’t matter if you are good or not, just as long as you show up.  When women play together socially, we encourage each other, we listen, and we laugh. And that’s laughing together not laughing at each other.  We learn to focus together while we are trying to do our best.  Typically, the women I play with are good at almost everything they touch whether it’s their profession, philanthropy, and/or honoring their family. Golf is not easy, and some days you do well, and others, not so much.  If you don’t take it too seriously, it can be fun and enjoyable.

So if you are considering taking up golf, I would highly recommend it. Who doesn’t need more girlfriends to spend quality time with and enjoy life? I welcome it wholeheartedly FORE sure!

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