MY International Women’s Day 2019

Kiana & I in Berkeley, CA during the Illinois College of Optometry Board of Trustee’s meeting. March 2019

I received this text this morning from my 15 year old daughter:  “Happy International women’s day mom! Thanks for inspiring me and (em)powering me to be my best self everyday! I love and appreciate you 💓”

If you could see the smile on my face and feel the warm energy that spread throughout my body, I guarantee you that you would be smiling too.  

Let me tell you why.  When I was single, I was motivated by ambition to make something of myself and not be dependent on anyone.  Yes, I did work hard and earned a respectable income.  When I got married, my motivation was to make a wonderful life with my husband that also included building my career.  And when my daughter was born, we still continued to work diligently, but there was a higher calling.  I was to serve as an example of being a strong woman, being impactful, being passionate, & being compassionate.  

My reply back to my daughter: “Thank you, my love.  Lots of what I do has YOU as my motivation.  So we have to be strong together. Happy International Women’s Day!”

So as we celebrate women’s achievements and create a more gender balanced world, I applaud the women who inspire me and empower me to be my best self everyday.  #BalanceForBetter

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